Anne and Al Loewen Creative Prize at Canadian Mennonite University

Scholarship: $750
Degree: All levels of study
Subjects: Arts
Nationality: Domestic and International students are eligible for this scholarship program.
Location: Canada
Closing date: April 30
Start date: immediately

Scholarship Description:

This prize of $750 has been created to recognize the Most Creative Project in the Arts, Theology, and Humanities in agiven year. The project could be a musical or literary composition, artwork, or performance in music, drama, or other art form.

Eligibility criteria:

• Students must take a minimum of 9 credit hours per semester at CMU during the year of application and the year of receipt
• Students must write an essay (maximum 500 words) responding to the following:
1) Identify the main concept/message your art project is meant to convey to your audience.
2) Select three areas of Fine Arts study (e.g. colour theory, lighting, or cinematography) and explain how they are used in the art piece.
3) How could your art be used in a church/faith setting?

Application Procedure:

Apply online

More info: